Essay: Professional development plan-training workshops

12 Oct

Essay: Professional development plan-training workshops

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Study workshops and Training Sessions can also be in form of organized tours and travels to different destinations where knowledge and skills are improved. Employees gain first hand information in their fields since they witness them one on one(Edwards, 2009, p. 104). This approach is perceived to be expensive but it provides learning opportunities that meetings or reading from books would not provide. This creates self-renewal and adds enthusiasm in work therefore boosting performance. Individual expertise base is also widened as new fields are explored and probably researched on.

Adult education becomes complete when self-implemented programs are utilized. Such efforts are effected by constant utilization of journals and various periodicals that furnish individuals with up to date knowledge on their fields of profession (107). Subscribing to such, ensure timely and coherent delivery of relevant magazines and journals that are professionally written about various career enhancement techniques. Valuation examples on different fields that may be provided in these resources enable readers to asses their situations basing of the ones presented.

Opinionated materials also help professional be aware of what other people think about the same issues therefore promoting new knowledge and skills in the workplace. Personal studies form the other side of self-implemented measures. It includes a lot of independent reading on specific career paths. Intensive scrutiny of the leant knowledge and skills can form a basis of adopting some of the strategies and use them latter in ones career journey (Edwards, 2009, p.

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