Essay: Production Era

11 Oct

Essay: Production Era

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As specialized production to the intensified it resulted to the mass production at about 1920; era of industrial revolution. At this juncture marketing concept was lead by specific needed products to cover the shortage in the market. Thus marketing was product oriented as opposed to consumer oriented. Resources played a major role as a production factor. Raw material scarcity was the dominant key due to lack of effective and adequate to be used to exploit sufficient resources for production. Thus resulted to the relative low input for marketers.

However, the economic and political dimension to a grate extend shaped the marketing scenario. For instance through combination of the industrial power with military power; Britain become world power that produced more thus expanding the volume of its market to colonies and other external markets (Stephen, 2001, p. 91). The political force had a crucial role as many European countries developed protectionism trade policies. Thus most of the marketers targeted domestic consumers rather than international consumers due to difficult access barricaded with political regimes.

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