Essay: The production of books in Rome

18 Oct

Essay: The production of books in Rome

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Later on, the production of books became a very significant practice in Rome. The writing culture was used in the preservation of culture, communication and transfer of power. Books were early censored from the political and religious perspective. Through the utilization of books, political powers and religious views were communicated to the target people with the intention of ensuring communication to the target audience is made with a perceived long lasting impact. One such evidence of how books were utilized included the Library of Alexandria which was created by the Ptolemy Sorter and later set up by the Demetrius Phalereus.

In the Roman Empire, books developed in the first century. This was done with Latin which was influenced to a greater extend by the Greek. On the other hand, the technology of paper and book making could be traced in China in the early second century. By the beginning of the sixth century, sheets of paper had started being used as toilet papers in the Chinese republic.

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