Essay: The Process of Self Discovery

18 Oct

Essay: The Process of Self Discovery

Sample Essay

I found out many things about myself in the process of writing this personal journey paper. First, I found out that I am not as different from my peers as I thought I was. Most of the other people in the class seemed to have many of the same problems that I did while in high school. I also found that that the process of self discovery isn’t always easy. I had to admit some things about myself that I didn’t really want, and talk about some issues that I wasn’t really ready to deal with.

I began this paper by sitting down and really thinking about my childhood. How was I different from anyone else? Was I different from anyone else? I also began to chart out various social, emotional and intellectual changes that I have gone through in my life. As I did this I began to see the different influences on my development as a complex web or chain. My life would have been completely different if even a single thread or link was changed.  I finally sat down and began to right out the paper chronologically in terms of my social, emotional and intellectual development.

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