Essay: Problems of hyperactivity among autistic children

19 Oct

Essay: Problems of hyperactivity among autistic children

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Similarly, children ASD have been found to exhibit problems with hyperactivity. As an example, in a study by Bruck and Herbert (1982), 15% of children identified with a learning disability also displayed high levels of hyperactivity. Furthermore, hyperactivity was found to be strongly related to interpersonal relationship ratings, regardless of whether or not a child had a learning disability such as ASD.

However, given that hyperactive behaviors have a fair amount of co morbidity with learning disabilities and that hyperactivity, rather than disability classification was related to peer ratings in Bruck and Herbert `s (1982) study, it may be that behavioral aspects of children with learning disabilities, such as their hyperactivity, are responsible for lower social status.

In addition to the single studies mentioned above, meta-analytic reviews of research in this area corroborate links between behavior problems and ASD. The meta-analysis, mentioned earlier, by Swanson and Malone (1992) who also included studies that indexed children with ASD or learning disability behavior. When effect sizes were calculated across studies examining behavioral characteristics such as aggression, personality, inadequacy-immaturity problems, and the ability to stay on-task, moderate to highly positive effect sizes were found. These results suggest that children with ASD have a tendency to be more aggressive, to have more negative ratings with respect to personality problems and inadequate/immature behavior, and to have difficulty attending, compared to their peers without any form of learning disabilities.

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