Essay: Problem-solving policing

12 Oct

Essay: Problem-solving policing

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Defined as the process of engagement in systematic and proactive examination of identified problems and developing responses which are effective and are evaluated rigorously (Gerald, 2000). It must be infused into police operations and thus guide in decision-making efforts. The focus of this policing is to encourage stakeholders to think of varied responses when faced with crime or disorder. It has a problem- solving conceptual framework that entails: Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (Linda, 2005).

Scanning here means identification and prioritization of problems. Through it, the problem, its nature and scope of seriousness is determined hence the working on it in terms of urgency established. Analyzing forms the core of problem solving and its objectives are to develop the understanding of the problem, its dynamics, develop understanding of the current response’s limits and develop the cause – effect understanding. The ‘WH’ questions help in analysis of the problem.

The response phase deals with implementing ways of addressing an identified problem. The response should be logical and drawing its premises from the knowledge gained during analysis. Response can be used to exterminate the problem, reduce its harm or reduce it (Davidson, 1991).

Assessment is the last concept and it is meant for gauging the success of the response strategies. The information gained will contribute to the database which might be handy should another similar problem emerge and also in solving the current problem.

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