Essay: Prevention Strategies-Alzhiemer’s Disease

18 Oct

Essay: Prevention Strategies-Alzhiemer’s Disease

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Despite progress in the reduction of the disease, prevention strategies are still in the pipeline. Medical interventions for this disease are characterized as primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary: focus on disease prevention; secondary: on reduction in morbidity in presymptomatic individuals: and tertiary, on cure, palliation and rehabilitation. Grossman & Dyk (2008) recognize that current therapies for Alzheimer’s disease do exist. Tacrine was approved in 1993 by the US FDA as the first treatment for AD.

The agency also introduced donepezil, rivastigime and galantamine as other treatment drugs. They further discuss that primary prevention refers to the prevention of disease in an unselected population trials to this need to enroll a large number of subjects with few exclusion criteria and infuse simple inexpensive evaluations of outcomes, with long observation and monitoring periods. The length of time for prevention trials and subjects’ enrolment, result into high expenses thus a permutation of the prevention trial, the ‘add on’ protocol permits the evaluations of multiple domains in a single clinical trial cohort (p.900).

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