Essay: Prevention programs of Aids

18 Oct

Essay: Prevention programs of Aids

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In addition, public health organization and prevention programs are not effectively registered to help those really in need.  The public health programs argue, “education is the only vaccine.” (Farmer xxiii) However, such notion cannot properly intervene to prevent HIV infections among the poor, the real group in the bottom of the society fighting against ignorance and maltreatment.  In order to help these people, serious modification of policies is needed.

First, leadership in global health organization should receive direct government funds to dispense medical services, and not mere cash for precautions. First, medical treatment should not be a reserve for the wealthy countries.  The people in the poor regions are suffering everyday for the lack of resources, and sadness of losing their close ones.  Like Corina, there are millions people turned away from hospitals on the bases of illogical reasons like non-compliant or unable to afford the cost of the prescription.   Secondly, cost-effectiveness cannot be the main policy in the public health organizations, the basic amount of fund must be included in the establishment of the organization in order to support the group of people from regions that cannot afford the medical care. More so, effective and improvement prevention strategies are needed.

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