Essay: Pressure at work

18 Oct

Essay: Pressure at work

Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier, most organizations are faced with changes in time and environment; hence pressure at work place instills fire in the workers to cope with the modern circumstances.  Most governments have taken cognizance of the fact that work places pose a great danger to health. Policies to ensure the safety of the workers have been put in place.

The U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) developed a summary of levels of interventions and categories of prevention. Intervention in the primary level refers to efforts to protect the health of people who have not yet become sick. Secondary prevention involves early detection and prompt and effective efforts to correct the beginning stages of illness (for example, reversing high blood pressure, building up of plaque in the arteries, or chronic insomnia, before a heart attack occurs). Tertiary prevention consists of measures to reduce or eliminate long-term impairments and disabilities and minimize suffering after illness has occurred (for example, rehabilitation and return-to-work after a heart attack) (Landsbergis, 2009).

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