Essay: Preservation of Environment

18 Oct

Essay: Preservation of Environment

Sample Essay

The environment should be preserved for the sake of mankind’s comfort. It is however unfortunate that mankind is the one behind destroying the environment and making it uncomfortable not only to himself but to all the living things in the environment. Pollution is one of the ways in which mankind has altered the state of the environment. Pollution is experienced in every corner of the world as a result of the high rate of globalization.

This gives the implication that this problem can be considered as a global crisis. Therefore, unending efforts to control pollution should be exerted by every nation in the world. This would be achieved by holding world forums with the theme of controlling pollution. This step would be effective because it would require active participation of every nation in the world. Pollution has had adverse impacts to the environment and has almost led to the extinction of some animal species (Appelbaum, pg. 27).

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