Essay: Presentation of the Clinical Question

15 Oct

Essay: Presentation of the Clinical Question

Sample Essay

There was a question posed on how to score the patients physiologic data in an effort that would be used to sense early enough when the patients health status is worsening in the department of medical surgery within the medical organization. (Salmond and Susan, 2007).

The aim was that if the patients worsening health conditions were noted early enough, it could lead to earlier interventions that would prevent the health status of the patients becoming worse and also prevent the patient from being taken to a higher level of care within the medical organization. After the health status of the patient is noted, reporting of this information in all the medical departments has to be timely, accurate and consistent in order to ensure that the information that was originally provided by the reporter is similar to all the recipients of the information. The main idea behind this was the fact that if the medical organization had a screening device, then this might enable quick communication between the various disciplines.

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