Essay: Pre-Mediation Phase

15 Oct

Essay: Pre-Mediation Phase

Sample Essay

Conflict Assessment

In every situation, when the mediator is presented with two conflicting parties they first need to assess the necessity for mediation. As such, it is crucial for the mediator to gather information, evaluate it, and derive a way forward. Assessing the conflict provides an extensive understanding of the dispute and allows the mediator to interact with and assess the conflicting parties. Regardless of the critical nature of assessing the conflict, the mediator should only seek relevant information and not get overwhelmed by the information.

They should also ensure that they do not make assumptions or conclusions without apt consultations. According to Lemmon (1995, p.27), acknowledging the existence of a conflict should take precedence in the mediation phase as it prevents future misunderstandings or the creation of other conflicts between opponents.

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