Essay: Prejudice to the African-Americans and the Asian Americans

14 Oct

Essay: Prejudice to the African-Americans and the Asian Americans

Sample Essay

The impacts of discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice to the above mentioned groups have been detrimental to the prosperity of these communities in America. Due to the increased stereotypes and prejudice, the rate of discrimination of these communities has increased in the recent years. The other communities in America have lost faith in the two communities which has adversely affected the self esteem of these groups as well as their security in the country (Massey, 1999).

The levels of discrimination in the education sector as well as equity in access to healthcare have increased due to the stereotypes that have portrayed the two minority groups negatively. Institutions of higher learning in America have instituted several regulations aimed at barring the African Americans and the Asian Americans from getting admitted in the institutions. Several conditions have been set in some institutions of higher learning that are stringent to the extent that these minority groups are unable to meet them(McBrien, 2005).

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