Essay: Prejudice and Racial Discrimination

14 Oct

Essay: Prejudice and Racial Discrimination

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Prejudice is used to refer to the emotional reaction to an individual that is based on certain feelings, negative opinions and judgments in regard to that individual’s membership to a certain racial or ethnic group. These negative views always lead someone to act in a negative way towards the members of that particular ethnicity or racial group therefore leading to discrimination. In respect to this essay, the kind of prejudice that will be used is racial prejudice that is based on a certain racial group in this respect being either black American or Asian American (Bodenhausen, Todd & Richeson, 2009).

Racial discrimination on the other hand is defined as the denial to a certain racial group of equality in access to certain basic, scarce and valued resource in both material and social aspects. This definition is also applicable in terms of ethnicity. In respect to the topic of this essay, the African and Asian American experiences the highest forms of discrimination in relation to the other ethnic groups in America. Racial discrimination in America segregates the minority ethnic groups and maintains the advantages as well as the benefits to the white Americans (Kressin, Raymond & Manze, 2008).

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