Essay: Pre 1970’s social environment

12 Oct

Essay: Pre 1970’s social environment

Sample Essay

The development process of this social initiative followed the “irrational” thought that is characteristic of “pre-1970s social movements.” (274) Similar to “irrational” thoughts of pre-1970s social movements, the initiative’s administration undermined the contributor’s interests, goals and values. This influential but destructive “irrational” thought ultimately contrasted the initiative’s defining premise and produced conclusive results that were unwanted and unintended.(274)

The case study assesses “social movement activity” by analyzing a community initiative that promoted the development of an Ontario shelter for women.  The case study examines the significance of emotions and its impact on the “irrational processes” of the “social movement’s” structure, and function.  The development process of the women’s shelter was often chaotic, counterproductive and contradictory. The values and social roles of the “community workers and feminist” as the leaders of the women’s shelter were often compromised by the “irrational” development process of this community initiative.  (251)  To better understand these “irrational processes,” an assessment of this initiative’s structure, functions, emotional responses and cultural influences was elicited.  Negative consequences of the “irrational” development process were 1.) a combative view and relation with the male population and 2.) the identification of “abused women as a problem population.”

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