Essay: Practice in the field of nursing

14 Oct

Essay: Practice in the field of nursing

Sample Essay

This paper seeks to find a way that may establish and support evidence based practice in the field of nursing. The paper continues on to look at the background of the project and describes the process that is involved in appraising the relevant information in the field of nursing and informing the nurses of the new information. The paper goes on to give a definition of the Evidence Based Practice, (EBP) which is used in the operations. In addition, the paper explains how information is translated from literature in to actual practice in nursing.

Thereafter, the paper gives a certain case study and explains the process that is to be followed in appraising the nursing evidence and then applying the information acquired in the field of practice of nursing. This provides useful information that can be used in other areas of medicine, education and administration of medical care organizations. The outcomes of clinical information and the role of Evidence Based Practice are also explained in the paper.

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