Essay: The post modernist approach of urban analysis

18 Oct

Essay: The post modernist approach of urban analysis

Sample Essay

The postmodernist approach of urban analysis has embraced the ideals of pluralism in the implication of using a multiplicity of discourses. Indeed, this is one reason which makes this approach suitable for analyzing change in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is unique in its diversity especially due to the fact that no single group of people seems to have dominated it.

Instead, it is inhabited by people from many minority groups and this follows for other elements of a modern society. Neither the way of life nor the structure of its industries can subject Los Angeles into a unified description. Contrary, the city is heavily rooted in diverse lifestyles. Compared to modernist theories which conceptualize cities as unified in all prospects, the postmodernist approach acknowledges the presence of multicultural diversities. Not only does this imply a somewhat form of validity but it also depicts a logical form of urban analysis.

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