Essay: Poor level of educational background in male ex-offenders

11 Oct

Essay: Poor level of educational background in male ex-offenders

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Despite the fact that most convicts around the UK are not well educated, the government through prisons department has established a training program that enables prisoners fit better into the society upon completion of their jail terms (National skills forum, 2009, p. 34). More than 60 percent of offenders are high school dropouts meaning that the level of education already acquired is too low. Female ex-convicts who are willing to take up these courses while still in prison are seemingly enjoying this more (38). More than 65 percent of male inmates do not prefer getting educated while in prison compare to about 45 percent of females who dislike this idea.

In addition, Russell & Stephen (2002, p. 117) reveal that knowledge that might have been gained before incarceration is likely to have bee eroded over time even with those that had already gained experience. This situation is likely to affect more males than females as long jail terms are mostly given to male offenders (137). Most employers would therefore use the length of a jail term to consider one for employment. This further damages morale of these individuals thus making them view job securing as impossible.

Upon release, Survey report (2007) discovered that most of male ex-offenders find themselves with less academic qualifications that may help them secure employment. Most of them eventually opt for idling until they are able to get a job well befitted to them. Such barriers not only deny most male offenders chances to be employed but also encourage a repeat of crimes either new or the ones they had already committed. Lack of some of the most basic knowledge the report goes ahead to reveal that could be acquired in prison subjects men to a more vulnerable to abuse environment. Basic rights of ex-offender are denied and thus these individuals cannot manage to bargain for a job.

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