Essay: Political Society Today

18 Oct

Essay: Political Society Today

Sample Essay

There are many instances when people have been arrested and put to jail due to their malicious and criminal acts. This is important. The reason why different states apprehend criminals or rather; the reason why a government is able to ensure a just, secure and sovereign state is all because of its laws both as spelled out in the constitution and in the penal code.

There would be no institutions like the executive, the judiciary and the legislative if the state has no ideal legal structures and objectives. In fact, the heart of every government is the law, period. Just like how humans cannot do without a heart so does a government cannot do without laws. Again, the complex role played by the heart in the human body is attributable to the role a constitution plays in a given country. In this regard, one will concur with the alleged belief that citizens should protect and abide by the laws of the state at all times.

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