Essay: Political leaders in American Revolution

14 Oct

Essay: Political leaders in American Revolution

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During the American Revolution, there were several significant leaders who mostly served during the colonial period. Some of these leaders are discussed below.


            King George III: King George III was the king of the Great Britain between 1760 -1820. He was the successor of his grandfather who had reigned till 1760. Though his methods were totally different, he was continuing the work of British Prime Minister William Pitt, the Great War minister who succeeded where other failed[1]. George III was determined to recover the prerogative lost by his predecessors during their reign in the past decades. He succeeded this by first weakening the Whig party through bribery, coercion, and patronage. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Prince Regent[2].

William Pitt: Pitt was the prime minister of the British government during the seven yeas war. He was a Great War minister who succeeded where other failed, a strong character that fore so British success during the four year war. William entered parliament in 1735 and though his foundation promised very little success in his career, his strong character was a stronghold throughout his reign. During his time in the government, he always acted in the opposition[3].

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