Essay: Political and military crises

14 Oct

Essay: Political and military crises

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This effort has not yielded a lot due to constant political and military crisis. In particular, the military integration has remained divided in some zones of de facto military and political control (Amnesty International September 2005 (AI Index: AFR 62/013/2005)). Conflict still room and human rights abused despite the MUNUC- a UN peace keeping force assisting in the transitional process from 2003 to 2006. Estimates show that close to 3.9 million people have died since 1998 and between 1.4 and 1.66 million people mostly women and children are displaced (The Lancet, Vol. 367, Issue 9504, 7 January 2006, pp44-51).

The UNDP has an obligation to employ efforts towards conflict resolution in DRC Congo. One of the major concerns it should address is the disarmament of the militias. There is continued emergence of community militias and paramilitary groups comprising of recruited children in their ranks (DRC: Children at War – Creating hope for their future, October 2006). These people pose a threat due to omission in their training of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.  According to a military expert in Bunia who reported to Amnesty International (AI), 2005, “they represent a permanent threat to the civilian population if they are not demobilized or integrated into the national army and then retrained.Many weapons are still in circulation especially in Ituri where there is lack of independent verification of disarmament and are more likely to be used in future. According to MDRP report “of the very low number who started the process, many did not appear with weapons. Furthermore, there was a complete absence of heavy weaponry” (MDRP Quarterly Report July-September 2005).

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