Essay: Us policy towards Cuba

18 Oct

Essay: Us policy towards Cuba

Sample Essay

U.S policy towards Cuba under the rule of Fidel Castro and the impact it had on Latin America

Before the 1959, revolution ofCubaled byFidel Castro,Cubahad very good relations with theUSgovernment but it deteriorated thereafter. After the relationship deteriorated there, diplomatic ties between the two countries were abolished. It was also made illegal for US corporate to do business withCubasince theUSgovernment wanted to limit the economical powers ofCubain order to make it less powerful inLatin America. The main reason offered by theUSfor imposing economic sanctions toCubais that the government is not democratic and thus does not respect human rights of its citizens. After Castro became the president ofCuba, he went ahead and started nationalizing US corporate, which were based inCuba. Cubans living in US were not allowed to send money or visit their mother country.

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