Essay: Policing and the public dynamics

20 Oct

Essay: Policing and the public dynamics

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Whenever one mention the term policing what comes into mind is the public dynamics. In other words, policing necessarily invites the idea of crowds in a public framework. For example, policing will direct so much on people in the streets or towns other than two or three or four citizens having a cup of tea in the restaurant. Policing is to a large extent intertwined with the efforts in maintenance of public order. Why then does public order policing major on crowd events? (Reicher et al., 2007). To respond to Reicher and others, it was mentioned earlier that there is a perceived view of the public as the real cause of disorder in the society. In fact, the use of public order policing is founded on the association of the mob with public disorder.

The connotation in public order policing hinders the possibility of considering police operations as also avenues to criminal activities in the social fabric. Just as how the public is considered a recipe for disorder so should the police. In this regard, little attention is given in the development of strategies, tactics and technologies that can reduce the risks in such a dilemma; in deed, the police-crowd dilemma in respect to who is the cause of disorder in the society. If more emphasis is laid upon the crowds as the perpetuators of disorder living out the police, then it will lead to a state with suppressed crowds; this can instill hostility in the people and from here the journey of defiance and calls for mass actions begin across the board. This mainly will take place in any sober and affluent democratic society.

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