Essay: Player’s interaction with video game characters

12 Oct

Essay: Player’s interaction with video game characters

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In his review of Tomb Raider, Taylor (1999:50) ascertains that during video gaming, the player interacts directly with the characters and further derives a narcissistic satisfaction with ideal players. Typically, the gamer determines the actions of the player. This enhances interactivity as the gamer moulds the characters to assume his or her ideal roles. The relationship between object and subject in incidences where a male gamer assumes the role of Lara thus becomes transgender. In this respect, Mikula (2003:  indicate that the fusion of the male characters with the feminine ideals of Lara can be confusing. This is due to the fact that it undermines the traditional role of men in video gaming.

In other words, Admedia (1999:7) shows that the urge of the male gamers to assume Lara’s attributes may be undermined by her status with her gender. In a society that is characterized by significant gender polarities, Lara presents a state of confusion with regard to identification of gamers with a character and the inherent desire of a gamer to assume the role of a character. This according to Kennedy (2002: 6) destabilizes the masculinity and threatens the position of men in the society.

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