Essay: Physical Changes as we Age

18 Oct

Essay: Physical Changes as we Age

Sample Essay

There are specific changes that occur physically as we age. People may develop problems with hearing and eyesight. Wrinkles develop, and hair grays. People may develop rheumatoid arthritis, or other muscular, nerve, or joint disorders. Older people may have a stooped gait, and they often slow down physically.  Weight gain is common, and older people may have a more difficult time keeping physically fit due to physical limitations. People who have not taken care of themselves physically may in terms of smoking, drinking and overeating, may develop serious illnesses. They are also less muscular and physically strong than a younger person. Reactions and responses may slow (Growing Old in a New Age , 2009).

These physical changes may also impact a person socially and intellectually. An elder that cannot see well is likely to read, or watch television less, and thus will not receive the intellectual stimulation they once did. An elder who cannot hear very well may be excluded socially because they cannot participate actively in conversations and they may miss out on important cues or information when talking to people. Finally, physical changes can also influence a person emotionally. People may become depressed, or suffer from low self esteem and anxiety when they realize that they are no longer young.

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