Essay: Personal growth and education through ecotourism

12 Oct

Essay: Personal growth and education through ecotourism

Sample Essay

Ecotourism offers a great opportunity for educational as well as personal growth as values of appreciation and attitude changes are instilled in participants which would lead to significant involvement in environmental and social issues in the future. Essentially, the dimension of ecotourism as an educational experience creates a new window for viewing the whole world and one’s self. It offers an opportunity to show the growth and development of various learning experiences while at the same time exploring another country or culture and going beyond one’s preconceived limitations (Vitti, 2007, p. 60).

Nature-based ecotourism focuses on personally experiencing natural areas in ways that result in understanding and appreciation .It integrates opportunities to understand natural areas into each and every experience. Furthermore, it targets to proactively contribute to the conservation of natural areas and provides constructive contributions to local communities. It is distinguished from other tourism forms due to its natural area setting (Ravens, 1996). Nature based tourism includes a range of tourism experiences that entail adventure tourism, cultural and rural tourism. In addition, activities such as rafting and scuba diving are forms of nature based ecotourism.

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