Essay: Personal experience of placement

14 Oct

Essay: Personal experience of placement

Sample Essay

The module I have learnt in psychology that has appealed most to me is counseling and that is why I selected lifeline as my place as that is what it is best known for. This particular place is also known for its specialization in telephone counseling which is my main are of interest in counseling. I believe telephone counseling is a far much better exposure as compare to face to face because it is easier for one to express him or herself to someone you cannot see and this will in turn give me more experience in counseling.

Apart from that, I believe the high number of people I will get to work with will grant me the opportunity to stretch my knowledge and even skills since I am an upcoming practitioner. In addition, I believe the place has qualified staff and they will assist me in my work and offer experienced supervision as I work. In addition, I am planning to enroll for the short courses they offer so as to increase my knowledge on counseling and also how to handle counseling at large. These courses include relationship and communication skills’ training, an important skill in counseling. They also offer courses that assist people deal with difficult situations and this; I intend to take advantage of (Lifeline, 2010).

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