Essay: Permissive parenting versus authoritative parenting

Sample Essay

Parents who use the permissive parenting style are very indulgent. The parents therefore make little or no demands from their parents. Unlike the authoritarian parenting style, the parents prefer watching their children mess, rarely correcting them and even fail to punish them. The parents tend to be more responsive even though they do not demand certain actions and behaviors from the children (Furedi 2001, pp. 210-240).

Parents who are brought up using this style of parenthood are most likely to be undisciplined. Since the children are not accorded adequate freedom to make their own decisions in life, the children always tend to lack self regulation strategies are likely to be less happy compared to children brought up by parents who employ authoritative parenting style. This style is however much better than the uninvolved parenting style since children under this category, unlike those in the uninvolved parenting style, have some sense of self control and have average peer-relationship skills. The relationship between the parents and the children also enable the children to learn a few life lessons from the parents since the parents are involved in the affairs of the children (Warash 2007, pp. 12-31; Furedi 2001, pp.210-240).

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