Essay: Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

14 Oct

Essay: Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

Sample Essay

Although a score of individuals including some novelists and professionals are using the tenure “performance management” as a replacement for the long-established performance appraisal system, the two refer to different techniques although aimed at effectiveness in institutions. Performance management is the process of generating an employment atmosphere or locale in which the employees are facilitated to execute to the greatest of their abilities. Performance management is a unit of a functioning system that sets in motion as soon as a career is considered as necessary, but it stops when an employee departs from the respective place of work (Dessler 1996, p.8).

The objectives of performance management are: to extend crystal clear career descriptions; help in zeroing down of suitable employees with an appropriate assortment procedure; facilitate in conferring necessities and result-oriented performance principles, outcomes, and procedures; smooth the progress of granting effective point of reference, education, and training; to provide continuing training and response; aid in carrying out of quarterly performance progress discussions; help in drawing effective reimbursement and appreciation systems that rewards employees for their involvement; help in the provision of career advance opportunities for employees; and gives a hand in way out dialogues intended to establish then reason to why esteemed employees depart from the institution (Stone 2002, p.20).

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