Essay: Perception of Others’ and Eating Disorders

12 Oct

Essay: Perception of Others’ and Eating Disorders

Sample Essay

Perception as a significant social variable has been used to investigate and study eating disorders. This was based on the effects of partner’s peer and family perceptions which are attributed to as major factors in the development of disturbed body image perception in females. Additionally, male preferences as reveled in the study are the cause for developing negative body image perception for women leading to development of disordered eating behaviors and attitudes. Evidently, as established by Molloy & Herzberger, (1998); Blacks women are encouraged to have larger bodies because Blacks men prefer larger women‘s bodies.

In addition to that, Blacks males also reported a desire for their female peers to gain weight and increase their body size. This and many other examples are as an indicator of how opposite sex or peers perception is seen as a drive for females to have a good and attractive body image that exposes them to risk of developing eating disorders.

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