Essay: Why some People are Happier than Others

18 Oct

Essay: Why some People are Happier than Others

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Happiness is a state of well being characterized by pleasing experiences which is perceived to be part of positive psychology. Positive psychology is characterized by positive emotions and personality traits.  It is evident that the gaining of happiness is not journey traveled to, owned, earned, won or consumed but it is a spiritual experiencethrough living each minute with love, grace and gratitude (Howell, 2009)

Genetic is the largest determinant which contributes to happiness. People are often pre-disposed to certain degree of happiness which is determined by characteristics inherited from parents (Montier, 2004).  The genetic determinant accounts to 50% of individual happiness. Other component of happiness is circumstances. Stable marriage, well paying job, security, good health, high standard of living  and religious believes contributes to personal happiness. The philosophical essence of a person live is that his happiness should depend on external things as little as possible (Howell, 2009). Financial status is equated to happiness. However, some research state that happiness is not equated to wealth and possession of finances since those who valued love more than money were reported to achieve high satisfaction than people who focused on monetary materials (Montier, 2004) and  (Hsee, Xu and Tang, 2008).

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