Essay: Payment Methods in the Mortgage Industry in the US

18 Oct

Essay: Payment Methods in the Mortgage Industry in the US

Sample Essay

Payment methods used in the mortgage industry do not always favour the growth of the industry. Even the standard or confirmatory mortgage systems, most mortgage payment rations are very high thus making it very complex for the house owners who are normally desperate to own houses to be exploited by the few elite individuals in society. Investment in the mortgage industry has been declining constantly in the recent past.

From the year nineteen thousand to the recent years, mortgage acquisition was made very easy. Due to the Wall Street effect and the continued decline in the global economic performance, the mortgage industry has decline in its performance (Kratovil and Werner 2010). More people have failed to pay back the monies they owe banks and other financial institutions in America. This trend indicates poor performance in the industry due to the lack of market transformation to suit the changing business and market patterns.

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