Essay: Participant Information

12 Oct

Essay: Participant Information

Sample Essay

The participants I have therefore chosen for my research are four people ranging from the age of eighteen years old and above. I have chosen to interview a young male and female as it is the focus of my research project.  I have also chosen this particular age group due to the participants still being young but older enough to take part in my research without consent from their parents and because they are not seen as vulnerable participants. Two of the participants are people that I know, because I have grown up around them and the other two will be randomly selected.

The reasons for the way I have selected my participants are due to the purposefulness of my research. I am then going to choose two random participants from within theUK; this will be an older woman and an older man, this can have an affect on the research because they might both share totally different opinions on the driving factors to youth knife crime. This will also bring up different findings in my analysis because they are randomly selected, so their opinions will differ.

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