Essay: The outcomes of corporate challenges

18 Oct

Essay: The outcomes of corporate challenges

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The outcomes resulting from the application of the above process in a careful and planned manner should be to: produce viable and cost effective alternatives to customers, focus on revenue activities and value creation processes and offer price flexibility and business precision. Moreover, the business should be able to provide unbridled control over cost to customers, incentivise and reinforce labour productivity and leverage geographical advantages of cost, skill and scale for example the Airbus case (Shivdasani, 1997).

Therefore, all these outcomes can be summed up that corporate restructuring should enhance sustainable competitive advantage by leading to dramatic enterprise level performance, long term sustainability and market leadership, and gain substantial financial benefits. Hence, Vishny and Shleifer (1992) conclude that corporate restructuring means two implications for the business: leading the firm to differentiating the way it produces a product or/and service by differentiating the techniques, process, or material used; and leading the firm to produce a differentiated product or/and service it offers.

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