Essay: The Original Development of American Workers

18 Oct

Essay: The Original Development of American Workers

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At the end of the 18th century, there were observable changes in Europe. These changes marked the onset of the industrial revolution which altered greatly how factories were operated. Industrialization first emerged in Great Britain where technological advancements had been made especially in the operation of machines. They would later be used to increase the production of goods with less effort. This paper addresses the developments of the American workers during industrialization with close reference to the role played by Lowell, Massachusetts.

 It is indicated that the industrialization period led to the development of numerous factories and corporations in Lowell, Massachusetts.1The textile industry was greatly affected as the workers who had been previously employed lost their jobs. Factory owners embraced industrialization and sought to enrich themselves. Workers left in the factories were expected to run the machines while the displaced ones were left without work.

Also, the displaced workers were forced to move to urban areas in search of work. No provisions were made for their loss.

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