Essay: Options for Ford Motors

12 Oct

Essay: Options for Ford Motors

Sample Essay

Ford Company has to focus on cutting its 350,000 units off its capacity to produce about two million units, in part by selling its share in the AutoEuropa plant in Portugalto Volkswagen and transferring production of the Galaxy model to a Ford plant. In addition to that has to dispose off its luxury model which contributes to consolidating huge losses to the firm. Furthermore the firm has to venture into technology management to have a right mix between the vehicle products and the prices to reflect economic dynamics of the consumer’s base.  While doing these manufacturing adjustments, should also adjust its organizational structure.


Market innovation

These are what Ford Motor Company ought to do in order to reenergize and revitalized its market strategy and product line architecture. This because market innovation is quite important for the Ford Motor company come back (Duncan2006, Hammer 2005, Richard 2007). In this regard by market innovation, the paper refers to how the company ought to change the way it segmented its markets, defined compelling user needs and frustrations, and drive these into new product designs.

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