Essay: Opportunities and Threats of McDonalds

25 Feb

Essay: Opportunities and Threats of McDonalds

Sample Essay

The opportunities that exist for the McDonalds Corporation pertain to launching new product lines in addition to the product that exist in the market. Aside from this the growing economies ofChinaandIndiaalso represent a huge growth potential for McDonalds in the Asian region. The reason for this is the American fast food culture which is developing in these countries, and the large population of the region that can be targeted by the McDonalds.

The threats that are being faced by the company pertain to intense competition in the market as well as the growing number in its target market that are becoming health conscious. This trend is bound to take the current market of customers away from McDonalds as the main product offering of the brand is fast food pertaining to burgers and fries. Moreover the attacks of bird flu are also threatening to decrease the number of chicken consumers in its target market.

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