Essay: Objectives of Anti Doping Policy

12 Oct

Essay: Objectives of Anti Doping Policy

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The objectives of anti-doping policy in sporting sector include reduction and prevention of unethical behaviors within and outside sports environment.  Being free from drugs enhanced increased ethical conduct in sport. In addition, the policy creates sustainable and supportive environment within sport for ethical conduct.

The following objectives have been formulated to guide policy actions towards achievement of anti-doping measures:  promotion and pursuit of excellence in sport by fair and ethical means, fostering of the next generation of value-based leaders in sports and elevation of the considered ethical conduct in sport among all stakeholders in sport with all decisions made in the context of a common ethical basis. The other policy guidance is engagement of governments and all sectors of sport communities in promoting a safe, fair and ethical environment for sport for all through the coordination and collaborative implementation of policies and programs. Lastly, policy must be established and the recognized within sport communities and the general population that sport is firmly entrenched in a strong ethical foundation as expressed in the expectations for fairness of all before its declaration (Canadian Strategy for Ethical Conduct in Sport, 2002).

The most effective initiative towards achievement of the policy is working in collaboration with WADA to combat doping. The agency was established to harmonize and coordinate international policy with objective of detection, deterrence and prevention of doping (Office of National Drug Control Policy).

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