Essay: Nonverbal communication and self presentation

17 Oct

Essay: Nonverbal communication and self presentation

Sample Essay

The first stop was at a busy shopping mall within the city. At the entrance of this mall stood a man who was clothed in a navy blue suit with yellow ribbons in the sleeves. This man was very clean and we could tell this from his well-ironed clothes. His shoes were also shining and anybody would admire his looks. Together with my friend, we learned that he was among the many clerks serving in the mall but was charged with the responsibility of manning the entrance and ensure smooth in and out flow of customers. Although it was difficult to identify him as a general attendant, the stripes on the sleeves of his coat and a small club he held by his hand displayed him as a security officer. Yes, our guess was as well right as the small club he held was evident. We concluded that the mall was well secured and under surveillance.

On getting inside the mall our eyes landed on clerks who were all dressed in very clean sky blue uniform. Their neatness would obviously attract any shopper. They were both males and females almost in equal ratios, and stood at different points waiting to assist shoppers. Our wandering about the display shelves without picking anything perhaps indicated we were window shoppers or we were certainly looking for a particular product we could not find. A man carrying a tape measure approached us and kindly asked, what can I help you with? Our guess was that he was in charge of clothes department, which was right. After we assured him that we were not troubled, he assured us of his presence, and that we could consult him whenever in need of any assistance related to shopping in the mall.

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