Essay: Neighborhood crime and community policing

12 Oct

Essay: Neighborhood crime and community policing

Sample Essay

In the world today, one of the major institution termed as hostile to the society is the police industry. Police regarded as people who are used by the government or other relevant authorities in denying the public certain freedoms, for example, freedom of expression and freedom of association. Whereas it is true that sometimes police act unfairly or ruthlessly their role in the society is important and cannot be replaced. However, they should improve their approach towards the public thus nurture the culture of community policing.

Knowledge-based public order policing shifts the initiative of maintenance of law and order and public safety to the communities. In this sense the public becomes the eyes of the police and as such work jointly with the police in the promotion of public safety. This study therefore seeks to illustrate that community policing can reduce the rate of crime in a given community as compared to other policing strategies such as beat policing.

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