Essay: What is Negotiation

15 Oct

Essay: What is Negotiation

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Negotiation is the stage in which parties come together with the aim of finally coming to an agreement. Essentially, in this stage, the parties are aware that they need to harmonize their positions in order to come to a mutual agreement. According to Danciu (2010), the parties communicate the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions provided and make adjustments that will suit them accordingly. Determining when the discussion is ripe for negotiation is a hefty responsibility for the mediator as highlighted by Carnevale and Pruitt (1992).

A conflict may be considered ripe when parties have reached a stalemate and are aware that they cannot continue fighting their opponents. Thus, the mediator needs to assess whether the participants are convinced of this and confirm the capacity of these parties to fulfill agreements. The mediator can enhance the ripeness of the discussion by engaging parties in understanding costs and advantages of the various issues. In addition, stressing the significance of resolving the conflict can create positive pressure that will allow the parties to head for negotiation (Duryee and Kelly, 2005).

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