Essay: Negligence-medical practitioners

17 Oct

Essay: Negligence-medical practitioners

Sample Essay

Different medical practitioners have different qualifications basing on their academic backgrounds. This provides a gap or division-categorizing practitioners at different levels. Specialists in various fields are usually ranked at higher standards compared to the general practitioners that practice generally. Any medical practitioner who risks and undertakes an activity regardless of his or her level of practice is held liable and gauged using the standards he or she does not have (Beauchamp and Childress, 2001, p. 63).

This might happen to a general practitioner who has no area of specialization. This law is very unfair to practitioners especially in developing countries where there is scarcity of doctors. Generally, doctors are forced to risk prosecution by attending to patients who have ailments that the doctors are not well conversant with. This negatively affects the decision of these doctors since the law does not allow them to attend to some cases (Mallen and Jeffrey, 1996, p. 72). This clash has resulted into many deaths or insurmountable injuries to many people across the world.

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