Essay: Negligence leads to crime

12 Oct

Essay: Negligence leads to crime

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Similarly psychologists frequently say things like “Families with inadequate communication and poor family attachment have been shown to have a connection with a child’s development of hostile/criminal behavior”.  Or “children are at a bigger risk of involving in crimes, if they were abandoned or neglected” (Caspi A. (2002).

There is sharp turn of events in out societal principles concerning earning a living currently. We are instructed that in order to be wealthy, you don’t need to work hard, but rather work smart. The meaning of the term “work smart” is vague. In the real sense, an individual a little less hard but earning significantly extra than generally individuals would be termed to be “working smart.” Reasonably speaking, there are careers where people receive plenty of money for working fewer hours; compared to r the majority plenty of cash is a result of tolerance and hard work. Since chances for “working smart” are scarce or rather imaginary, some people end up devious and other deceitful activities that border on crime to get money (Baatz, & Darrow, 2009). In societies where people like this obtain and hold on to their corrupted wealth, who would be willing to stick to usual ways of earning a living. Everyone will be on the look for a shortcut to develop living standards. This habitually means turning to corruption. When such circumstances exist in any society it will eventually crumple, particularly if the leaders are implicated.

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