Essay: Negative mentality of some leaders

17 Oct

Essay: Negative mentality of some leaders

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The negative mentally by some leaders on what the actual role of women in society’s leadership should be is another big challenge. It is a common fact that women tend to believe that certain positions or work are reserved for men only (Van-Wormer, Fred, Keefe & Besthorn, 2007). They almost view it as a taboo to engage in certain activities because they consider it as being a male domain. With such thoughts their scope of work becomes very limited to the women fork.

This is also related to the fact that lack of clear policies given an unfair playing ground to the women. Governments worldwide lack policies or guidelines to encourage women to run for top positions. Affirmative action is nonexistent thus proving a hindrance to their political ambitions. Moreover, certain religions act as barriers to women political achievement. Strict laws such as the Sharia Laws for the Islam provide very stiff penalties to women who engage in political activities and other kind of work “reserved” for men.

Furthermore, a majority of women especially in the Sub Saharan region and Asia are illiterate. Men tend to exploit their illiteracy for their own benefit.

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