Essay: Nationalism aspect in Germany

14 Oct

Essay: Nationalism aspect in Germany

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The nationalism aspect has been confirmed to play part in the fuelling the Germany war. This was a situation where every citizen in these countries collaborated in unleashing the attacks against their rival countries. For example people in Britain ganged up against the Germany for initiating the war. In this situation everybody was armed in order to fight their main rival who had destabilised their country.

In the year 1961, Frocking (2004) proposed that the Germany general staffs were involved in the fuelling the first world war by fuelling the crisis occasioned by the killings of the two people by the Serbians. It was evident   that the general staff then were working under the influence of the politicians in that country especially in policy and foreign matters. It’s argued that the Germans destroyed all the evidence which linked them to the attacks.

In addition it was also said that the German had a very clear strategy of involving the Belgium to attack the France whom seemed to compete with the Germany in capturing cities and dynasties. They were then supposed to move eastward in order to attack the Russian. However this did not work out. The British and the Germany were protagonists, neither wanted to be outweighed by the other.

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