Essay: Nano Products

11 Oct

Essay: Nano Products

Sample Essay

Nanoproducts have been known to improve quality of other products. This is after their physical properties are altered. For instance, by shrinking particle sizes, these products may posses some of the most important environment friendly properties such as occupying small space, or having a large surface per volume ratio. These changes in physical sizes and other properties introduce other physical properties that are environment friendly. A good example of such is manipulation of optical properties that result into fluorescence that comes from alteration of particle diameter using nanotechnology (Bharat, 2007, p. 57). Fluorescent tubes are used in lighting without them affecting the environment negatively.

They do not wear out easily and are used over long time. Nanoparticles are used to strengthen polymers, which are then used in place of metal bars. As opposed to metals, these polymers are cheap and light implying that green housing will be promoted by using them in building and construction. It is also true that mining of metals involves a lot of excavations that leave the earth’s surface damaged. Soft polymers but wit strength can be generated using nanotechnology and used for similar purpose.

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