Essay: The Muslim criminal justice system

17 Oct

Essay: The Muslim criminal justice system

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The Muslim criminal justice system has remained very stable for a very long period. This is attributed to then fact that Muslim is not only a religion but also a culture. It therefore becomes very difficult to change the way these people offer justice to their justice. Many oppressive rules that do not fit in today’s word are still practiced for example punishing by death. Accused persons are not given a much enabling environment to speak for themselves. This is in a big way denial of basic human rights, which go by the phenomenon that one remains innocent until proven guilty.

Possibilities of bringing in the much needed change in this system look more apparent than real. This is because doctrinal adjustments are indeed very difficult to initiate. The only hope for the people in these places is accept the change that have come with the modernity. Otherwise, the state in which the criminal justice laws are used in these countries remain oppressive.

The European criminal justice system is comparably better than that of the Muslim world. Basic human rights are strictly observed with the accused receiving fair, balanced hearing and judgment that they can still appeal against if not satisfied. Justice is seen to be done in this part of the world leading to establishment of many reliable judicial sub-systems. Unless this kind of evolution that has taken place in the European region is embraced by the Muslim world, then the standards of delivering justice to criminal remains under massive imbalance and constant jeopardy in different parts of the world.

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