Essay: Motivational skills

15 Oct

Essay: Motivational skills

Sample Essay

Another motivation skill that Michael embraced was listening to the workers views, their concerns and suggestions raised likely to bring forth positive impact in the company. Good listening encompasses one setting all the other activities aside while avoiding counter argument so that one hears, understands what the other person feels and rightfully interprets what one is being told. He realized that, it does not require one to be an excellent speaker so as to lead but rather the potential to listen and make sound judgment on what is acquired.

Besides, personnel undertaking specific tasks are prone to come up with rightful suggestion relating their sectors as opposed to the manager who generally runs the entire company, and have no specific knowledge on some areas in company. Once the good suggestions are effected, the workers gain a sense of belonging to the company thus deliberate their useful energy to better performance. Through listening, the manager was able to capture the workers confidence and from that point he could comfortably sell his views and directions without fail. One is also able to identify workers with distinguished strengths in organizing resources and activities that add value to the company’s objectives.

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