Essay: Motivation to the women of the society

17 Oct

Essay: Motivation to the women of the society

Sample Essay

To the very young ladies in society, thus study is intended to be a motivation to them. The highlighting of various great women leaders in the society and how they have managed to succeed would definitely ensure that ladies aspire to be greater value to whatever profession they decide to venture into (Lyons & McArthur, 2007, 11-24).

It is therefore also expected that more women would be in a position to champion for their rights mainly through being enlightened of them and through education (Miner, 2005; Nadler, 1984; The Roget’s II, 2003). According to Spencer (1989), this could be attributed to the fact that education has been one of the greatest driving forces in most of the changes that have always taken place in the society in which we live.

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