Essay: Motivation Enhances Organizational Performance

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In this context, it is important to note that essence of motivating employees is to enhance organization’s performance. According to Cindy, (2003), he that well suggests that motivated employees are more productive and creative which prove to be more fundamental to employee’s management apart from the benefit and moral value of an altruistic approach to treating people as human beings and respecting human dignity in all its forms. Thus, organization performance can be considered to be a function of motivation and ability.

The outstanding concern now is the approach that is appropriate to employed in motivating the workforce while being in line with the key incentives. To shade light on key initiatives is Wiley, (1995) who reports about potential lessons from an elaborate study carried for 20year from 1945 to 1965 in relation to employee motivation that involved 31,000 men and 13,000 women. In this study, the objective of Minneapolis Gas Company was to find out what their potential employees desired most from a job. The outcomes of the study that resulted to slight different rating of the factors between women and men showed that employees desired most security followed by advancement, type of work and company; proud to work for (Wiley, 1995). Surprisingly to many, factors such as pay, benefits and working conditions were given a low rating by both groups. Thus, it can be seen that contrary to common belief that money is not the prime motivator. Yet, some mangers assume that money is the only motivation for all their employees. Though, it should not be regarded in negative dimension to reward employees unfairly or poorly.

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